Powerstone Films
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The three directors collectively have many years of experience in the areas of writing, script development, production, directing, fund-raising and arts & business management.

JANE COYLE is a writer and award-winning arts journalist and critic, who, for six years, was head of film and drama development for a leading Irish independent. With many writing and production credits, she is responsible for developing the Powerstone slate.

BRIAN KELLY is a producer-director, among whose many award-winning credits are two children’s feature films, which he co-wrote and directed for international screening and distribution.

RANDALL SHANNON is a freelance producer and arts manager with over twenty years’ experience in operational and financial management.

The distinguished children’s drama producer PETER MURPHY is consultant to Powerstone on a number of screen adaptations of classic novels, as well as several original ideas. After producing at Yorkshire and Central Television, he became Director of Children's & Family Programming at HTV and Zenith Entertainment.