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Set between the present day and the 1950s in Ireland. Vincent Donovan, a hard-nosed Belfast journalist sees his life and career disintegrate when he fails to prevent the terrible effects of a politically motivated suicide pact, formed by a charismatic teenage boy. Its repercussions ripple through history until, 50 years later, Donovan is offered an unexpected chance of redemption.

A UK (Powerstone)/ Canadian (Protocol Entertainment) co-production.

Full script available.

Director: Sydney Macartney
Writers: Joseph L. Scanlan & Jane Coyle
Producers: Randall Shannon, Brian Kelly & Joseph L. Scanlan

A screen adaptation of N.J. Crisp's critically acclaimed stage play, to be filmed on location in Ireland with a small ensemble cast of distinguished actors. As an elderly writer approaches the end of his life, he looks back on his professional successes and personal failures. A mysterious Visitor offers him a dignified exit route, but first he must square the circle with his devoted younger wife and his estranged son.

Producer: Randall Shannon
Writer: TBC
Director: TBC


Adapted from Ann Pilling's highly acclaimed novel, 'Black Harvest' is a mood mystery and ghost story, set in the wild, remote landscape of Donegal. A lonely 11 year-old American boy's holiday is haunted by terrifying spectres from the Irish Famine, bringing with them dark secrets from a long-forgotten past. In confronting and resolving their torment, Oliver's dream of finding a sense of belonging in the world comes to an unexpected conclusion.

"Teresa Godfrey has written four feature films, including the beautifully executed BLACK HARVEST, which is being produced by Powerstone Films in Co. Down. Her Mentor is Deborah Moggach ('Pride and Prejudice')." Entry in Lighthouse's Guiding Lights Mentoring Scheme (UK Film Council and Lottery Funded)

Full script available.

Writer: Teresa Godfrey
Director: John Henderson
Producer: Randall Shannon
Consulting Producer: Peter Murphy
Executive Producer: Carlo Dusi

Developed with support from MEDIA New Talent Scheme; Children's Film & Television Foundation; Northern Ireland Screen.
Script development: Pygmalion

A feelgood road-movie caper, in which a sweet-natured but none-too-bright Belfast teenager called Bobby Mackie takes a toddler and a pet monkey on a madcap dash to the bright lights of Blackpool, while a frantic chase involving a procession of colourful characters gathers pace behind him.

Full script available.

Writer: Jane Coyle
Producer: Randall Shannon
Consulting producer: Peter Murphy
Script Editor: Terry Loane

An edgy, urban teen movie about a group of Limerick teenagers, whose lives revolve around skateboarding and rock music. Will feature a specially commissioned soundtrack.

Micro-budget movie, with exciting young cast.

Developed with assistance from Northern Ireland Screen.

Treatment available.

Writer: Jay Johnson & Mike Finn
Director: Brian Kelly
Producers: Brian Kelly & Jane Coyle
Consulting producer: Peter Murphy

A spectacular time-warp fantasy adventure, beginning in the modern day and travelling back into ancient times in Ireland. A 13-year old Irish boy reluctantly accepts his destiny as the guardian of a mysterious power stone, which takes him and a feisty young American girl on a perilous journey into Celtic legend, where they are charged with changing the course of history.

Full script available.

Writers: Jane Coyle & Brian Kelly
Producer: Randall Shannon

Developed with support from Northern Ireland Screen; the Film Council; Screen Training Ireland.
Script development: North by Northwest Kids Stories

Inspired by a true story. In 1969, a working-class Belfast family escapes the sectarian violence raging in their streets and takes off for what they hope will be a better life in rural County Cork. But what awaits them is a glorified internment camp, where 15 year-old Liam has to grow up fast, in order to survive in a world far removed from the one he knows so well. A soundtrack featuring contemporary music by Van Morrison, the Rolling Stones, Rory Gallagher and others, paints the backdrop to the changing times of Ireland in the late Sixties.

Full script available.

Developed with support from Northern Ireland Screen

Writers: Eileen McAuley & John Morrison
Director: Tom Collins
Producer: Brian Kelly